Is a Geothermal Heat Pump right for you? Find out at a Geothermal Power Hour!

Our geothermal heat pump group buy is centered around free educational events called Geothermal Power Hours. Held virtually and occasionally in person, interested property owners are invited to learn about geothermal technology, hear about costs and get details on local, federal and group buy incentives. 

 Check out our confirmed events below, and fill out the form linked below to be notified about future program developments and Power Hours.



Kickoff Geothermal Power Hour:

May 16, 6:30 PM on Zoom

Co-Host: DuPage County

Geothermal Power Hour:

June 11, 6:30 PM on Zoom

Co-Host: WillCounty

Additional Power Hours to be scheduled: 

One presentation per month. Stay tuned!

Geothermal Contractor Trainings

Are you with a geothermal and/or HVAC contractor and interested in being an installer partner in Grow Geo Chicagoland? To participate, your company must achieve an accreditation from the Geothermal Alliance of Illinois.

GAOI’s training and testing program is offered annually, with a special training period upcoming for installers interested in becoming accredited to participate in Grow Geo group buy program.

For additional information on these accreditations and online training programs, contract John Freitag, GAOI Executive Director, at 217-971-3533 or